Halloween DIY Treat Bags and Candy-Coated Ghost Peeps …….. by Trenda from Cottage Green on the Lake

Part 2 of “A Halloween of Memory Past” (Click on Part 1 of … A Halloween of Memory Past from previous post “Jolly Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Wreath” by Trenda)

PicCollage[439].pngHalloween of Memory Past by Trenda ~ cont’d from previous post “DIY Jolly Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Wreath”

As we walked up the sidewalk, I would size up each house, trying to determine if first … anyone was home and would answer the door and second … what kind of treat would be handed out.  My experiences had already taught me that behind the door of an unwelcoming house, there always seemed to be a stale bit of peanut butter taffy wrapped in orange or black paper.  Whereas, the brightly lit homes with welcoming porch lights and cheer-y doorbells seemed to house people who would fane surprise that there were spooks at their door and would generously grab into their bowl of treats and distribute a handful of goodies!  …………………………… by Trenda


Recalling my memories of Halloween’s Past, I love making special treats and stuffing little treat bags for each of the masquerader’s coming to 0ur home!  Look at these cute little Halloween bags.  They were so easy and fun … to make and fill!  My treat bags are filled with a little trac of Knock-knock jokes, vampire teeth (complete with a packet of red watermelon-flavored goo, to squish out like blood!) Halloween candies, and Jack-o-Lantern rings.  I also made some bigger sized bags for our own precious goblins (a cheerleader and a vampire!) and concocted these extra-special treats … Candy-Coated Ghost Peeps and Harvest Moon Pies


I bought the larger sized handled Kraft bags at Hobby Lobby, 5 for $1.99 and the smaller ones at Michael’s, 6 for $2.99.  I stamped each bag with black ink from my “Pigment” black ink pad and used 2 cute stamps I “found” on sale at Hobby Lobby!   To dress up my little bag, but wanting to keep it, simple … I tied a piece of raffia into a bow on each handle.  I love the “scarecrow-look” of this rustic little bag with the straw bow!


Now, for some fun and easy treats to make and put into each treat bag!  These darling little Ghost Peeps are dressed for Halloween with a “coat” of candy (;  and are adorned with bright polka dots, sprinkles, nonpareils’ and a fun assortment of Halloween pumpkins, bats, and mini ghosts. 


Pictured below are all the supplies needed to make the Ghost Peep Pops Tip: I melted my candy melts in tea cups so I wouldn’t have to use so many melts, but would have enough “candy depth”  to coat the bottom of each ghost.


Then I inserted a Halloween straw (I bought mine from Home Goods) into the bottom of each ghost and propped the chocolate coated Ghost Pops up, while the candy hardenedTip:  I found that my toaster made a perfect drying rack! (:  I made sure my toaster was unplugged and then inserted each Ghost Peep Pop into the toaster slots.  The candy hardened up perfectly, without having any side flattened.


After the candy hardened, I wrapped each ghost in a cellophane candy bag and tied it with a brightly colored polka dot ribbon.




From my cottage to yours  ~  Trenda


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