Springtime in the Cottage Greenhouse…planting flower seed trays and vegetables

It was a delightful day to be working outside in the Cottage Greenhouse. In my cozy shelter, I was protected from the cool, north wind…surrounded by smells of earth and growing things, soothed with a background of birdsong, and the greenhouse door was opened to the lake beyond.

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens

It was a delightful day to be working outside in the Cottage Greenhouse. In my cozy shelter, I was protected from the cool north wind…surrounded by smells of earth and growing things, soothed with a background of birdsong, and the greenhouse door was opened to the lake beyond.

Gloves, trowels, potting soil, seed trays, labels, markers, flower seeds, and vegetable seeds, were spread across my potting table. I worked all afternoon filling seed trays with Zinnia, Bachelor Buttons, Cosmos, Blue Salvia, and Rainbow Coleus seeds. Next, were my herbs and vegetable seeds: dill, basil, rosemary, cucumbers, squash, and radish. Every shelf in the Cottage Greenhouse was filled with seed trays!

The Zinnia seeds I used were harvested from the Zinnia’s we grew last summer. Before the first freeze, our sweet grand children helped me gather all the dried flower buds from the Zinnia’s. I showed them how to pull the dead blossom from the flower…then, how to roll it between their fingers until all the seeds separated and appeared in their hands. They were amazed to see how the dried flower blossom transformed into so many seeds…all perfect and complete, ready to be stored over winter, then planted again in the spring to grow new flowers. GOD never ceases to amaze me! His promise and planning for future flowers to come, all conveniently packaged in the flower head of each Zinnia!

Our grand children love helping Grandma in the greenhouse. Our son gave me the sweetest gardening book for Christmas, “The Mary Frances Garden Book by Jane Eayre Fryer, originally written in 1916. It is so charming and explains thoroughly, in childish ways, every aspect of gardening. I thought it would be an excellent reference whenever my helpers are with me in the greenhouse. They ask so many thought provoking questions!

The book is beautifully illustrated with pages for the children to color, and cut-out’s to make page markers. It’s a soft cover, so I can keep it in my greenhouse and not worry, if the pages get ruffly from dampness. I plan on naming and dating each page the children color…another keepsake of our special days together.

The Mary Frances Garden Book – Adventures Among the Garden People ~ by Jane Eayre Fryer

My collection of antique glass shakers, with their quaint, rusted, caps and their colors from another time…old rose pink, lime and dark greens, wheat colored yellow, bright aqua, and cobalt blue…were perfect containers for storing our seeds over winter, and looked fetching on the greenhouse shelves.

Right before nightfall I finished tucking the little seeds into their beds; all were tagged, covered with potting soil, and watered…just waiting to sprout.

Notice the rustic twig markers I used to mark each seed tray! (: I made these sweet bedding markers in the post last spring, DIY Plant Markers and Propagating Hydrangea I only had enough left to put one twig marker in each bedding tray. I need to whittle some more!

After everything was planted, seed trays lined the length of one of my potting tables. This little back room of my greenhouse has a Baker’s Rack (now repurposed into a Gardener’s Rack!) and my little ruggedy garden stool, and holds the overflow of flower and vegetable planting trays. The 2 plants against the back door are Oakleaf Hydrangea. They spent their winter in the greenhouse and they are already putting out new green leaves, almost ready to be planted!

The variety of Cosmos I planted were “Sensation Tall Mixed Cosmos” Cosmos Bipinnatus that I ordered from Everwilde Farms. Cosmos are an annual flower, but if they’re allowed to self-seed, they will produce a new crop of flowers every spring, and this variety can grow up to 60″ tall!

I was astonished when I went out into the greenhouse, 2 days later, and saw the seeds had already germinated, and were over 2″ tall!

Top shelf: Sensation Tall Mixed Cosmos and Zinnia’s/Lower level: Rainbow Coleus

Dainty Blue Sage, planted in a terra cotta container looks perfect in this little corner of the greenhouse.

More seedlings…Bachelor Buttons, Blue Salvia, and Cosmos.

While I was working, I kept hearing a faint, chittering coming from the front of the greenhouse and finally went to investigate. The day was full of spring time surprises! High above the greenhouse door I found a nest tucked in a funnel Richard keeps over the greenhouse door, and Momma was in it…a dear Carolina Wren that visits and hops about whenever I’m in the greenhouse, working. She darted away when I got closer to take the picture.

It’s hard to see all the fine details in the evening shadows, but it’s amazing how intricately the nest is made and lined with soft moss from our yard all made and woven with the little wren’s beak and feet…another one of God’s amazing creations!

“Jenny Wren” Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme

The day of seeds, sunshine, plantings, ponderings, and discoveries was over. The little wren burbled a goodnight to me, as I walked under the threshold and closed the door.

And today is the first day of April! Hope there’s spring weather, sunshine, and blossoms in your forecast!

Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

See! the winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance.”

Song of Solomon 2:11-13

From my cottage to yours ~ Trenda

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8 thoughts on “Springtime in the Cottage Greenhouse…planting flower seed trays and vegetables”

    1. Dear Sherry,
      My little wren friend was a bonus! She’s still there, and greeted me yesterday evening, with a chirpy “hello” when I walked into the greenhouse. She stayed sitting on her nest, tucked away in the funnel, keeping her eggs warm while I worked and watered all my seedlings.
      I’m hoping I’ll have baby wrens, soon!
      ❤ Trenda

  1. Aaah Trenda,
    Your posts always make me wish I could just jump through the computer screen to your Cottage on the Lake!
    What a beautiful description in both words and photos of a blissful day.
    Love your use of poetry and verse. All your posts are so carefully put together. Hope you are well my dear dear friend, was only wondering about you the day before yesterday, and then your post popped up.
    Those seeds sprouted fast, look forward to watching them bloom! Xxx

    1. Dear Angie,
      You are always so encouraging!
      Thank you for writing and saying you love the poetry and verse I include in my blog; I’ve often wondered if other’s enjoy reading it.
      Oh, I wish you could jump through the computer screen and join us on the deck…we would have lots to talk about and I would serve you some tea and biscuits for your troubles. (:
      Praying for all your sweet family and wishing you a blessed Resurrection Sunday and happy Easter.
      ❤ Trenda

  2. Hey, dear friend … I was so happy to share your day in the greenhouse! What a great way to welcome April.

    1. Dear Patricia,
      Sweet, golden friend…I love the thought that you and I were sharing a day in the greenhouse together!
      What a fun and delightful time I’m sure we had, sharing laughs and understanding each other’s hearts…your creativity ever inspiring me.
      I’ll always treasure the canvas you had made for me of the photo I sent you of our outdoor, mosaic bistro table…set with plants in blue porcelain, a collection of terra cotta, a miniature birdbath, my whimsical weather vane, a fairy with glass wings….”strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff”…my miniature vision of what my greenhouse would eventually look like.
      You saw what was in my “mind’s eye.”
      “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26
      ❤ Trenda

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