Summertime at the Lake and Easy Rice Krispie Favors

Family vacation…swimming and lazy afternoons on the dock…watermelon and water guns…cookouts and ice cream…July 4th and fireworks…corn hole and fishing…it’s summertime at the lake!

Summertime at the Lake
Summer’s View
The Family Corn Hole Champion for 2022 – our oldest, grand darling!
July 4th 2022 Tablescape
July 4th 2022 Paradedear daughter & granddaughter, Richard and me
Summer afternoon’s on the dockyoungest grand darling!
Aqua Man! (:
4th of JulyBrother in Law fishing on the dock
Daddy and his little girl.
Family portrait – Precious son, grandson, and granddaughter
Summer’s setting sun – Our precious girls. Momma and her daughter
Sweet little ones enjoying the fireworks on the lake!
Glow Family ❤ Our dear daughter in law, grandson, and youngest granddaughter
Our blessings…our granddaughter, only grandson, our daughter, daughter in law, and our son
This little face melts Grandma’s heart.
Youngest of “Our Gang!”
Sweet grandson…middle grand darling!
Dinner cruise on family vacation…Our son with his suntanned, striped nose from wearing sunglasses…next to his Daddy (dear Richard), grandson, our daughter, granddaughter, and daughter in law (at the very back, peeping over all the heads!)
Times spent with family, 
Long summer days,
Here for a moment, 
Then gone in a haze.
I wish I could hold all these moments forever, 
Time marches onward,
But love ceases never."
excerpt from a “New Year Poem”

Rice Krispie Treats & Favors

Every get-together I like to make a special favor to give everyone after our “day is done” as a little send-off, commemorating our day. Look at these cute and easy treats I made for our 4th of July celebration! I iced my treats with Wilton’s Royal Blue Candy Melts…but use any variety of colored candy melts and sprinkles to make these favors for any holiday or occasion.

Items Needed:

  • Rice Krispie Treats Marshmallow Snack Bars (or make your own Rice Krispie Treats-recipe found on each box of Rice Krispie’s)
  • paper straws (I used patriotic, red, white, and blue straws)
  • Wilton melting chips…chocolate morsels…almond bark, etc. (I used Wilton’s Royal Blue Melting Chips)
  • assorted candy sprinkles
  • 4 X 6 cellophane bags (available at any craft store, or from Amazon…4 x 6 inch Small Clear Cellophane bags-pack of 100 for only $ 3.99) I love these bags and use them often. Click on the highlighted link to see when I made my New Year’s Eve favors… S’more Favors (click here to see)
  • assorted ribbons for tying a bow around the favor


  1. Unwrap Rice Krispie treats and place them on wax or parchment paper, spaced far enough apart so they won’t stick together after they are decorated. If you are making homemade Rice Krispie treats, cut your treats into 2″x 4″ rectangles, after they have cooled, then follow the directions above.
  2. Make a hole in the middle of one of the shorter sides of each Rice Krispie, large and deep enough to hold the straw you will be inserting, later (I used a bamboo skewer to poke the hole in the bottom of my Rice Krispie, then twirled the skewer around to broaden the hole.)
  3. Melt candy melting chips (or chocolate morsels, almond bark, etc.) according to the directions on the package
  4. Dip the end of each straw into the melted candy, and insert the straw gently into each Rice Krispie…this helps to bond the straw to the treat when it hardens (I inserted all my straws into my favors, then went back and began icing the Rice Krispie, in the same order that I inserted the straws. This allowed enough time for the candy to harden, making the straw secure, before handling the treats)
  5. After all the straws are inserted, begin spreading the melted chocolate onto each Rice Krispie treat. I covered the top edge of the Rice Krispie, then spread the melted candy on the sides and top half of the treat in an uneven,” melting” pattern.
  6. After all Rice Krispies treats are coated with melted candy, sprinkle candy decorations on each treat, while the coating is still warm so the sprinkles will stick. Be sure and rotate the favor while decorating, to cover the entire treat with sprinkles.
  7. Cool, insert each Rice Krispie treat into a clear, cellophane bag, and secure each bag with a ribbon tied into a bow

A whole boat load of treats, ready to go! Makes you want to grab one, doesn’t it? Did you notice that I re-purposed my antique glass frogs? Glass frogs were originally designed to hold flower stems in place when arranging flowers. Depending on the size of the container chosen to hold the flowers, and the size of the glass frog, the frog can either be set on top of a vase, or set inside the flower vase to hold the flower stems in place. I love my collection of antique flower frogs and keep them on display in my greenhouse. I also love the quirky look of them tucked into tabletop vignette’s outside. In this case, you can see they made excellent display stands!

I hope you’re enjoying these last weeks of summer. It’s been very hot here in Texas, but the berries are coming out in perfusion on the bushes, and the crows have arrived, and are cawing; both signify that
autumn is coming! Every day is a gift, and I am thankful.

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

From my cottage to yours ~ Trenda

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10 thoughts on “Summertime at the Lake and Easy Rice Krispie Favors”

  1. Thank you for sharing . July was always a special time for the Bickerstaff family. We miss our neighborhood but love living close to our 4 grandchildren. Tell everyone hello. Love, Donna

    1. Hi Donna!
      It made me smile to see that you had written this morning!
      We think of you and David, often, and wish you were still here.
      Bickerstaff Park looks forlorn, and I especially miss the whimsical Santa’s Wonderland y’all always took the time and trouble to create at Christmas.
      Blessings prayed for you and your family! ❤ Trenda

    1. Dear Kat,
      We’re always happy whenever we see your kids and grand kids are visiting, also.
      We have so much fun whenever our family is here, I’m sure our laughter and shouts can be heard clear across the lake! Lol
      Glad you’re our neighbor. ❤ Trenda

    1. Angela, my dear friend “across the Pond…”
      It’s always a delight to hear from you!
      Precious faces and gifts from our Father. ❤
      The new school year began again today for our oldest granddaughter, and will begin next week for our other grandchildren, but we still have 2 more summer extravaganza's we celebrate here at the lake, before we consider that summer is officially over.
      Prayers for the new school year ahead for your sweet family, and love for all! ❤ Trenda

  2. You all have wonderful celebrations and make memories that will last a lifetime. I love watching your “grands” grow up.

    1. Dear Sherry,
      Your sweet comment meant so much to me.
      The main reason I started this blog, 6 years ago, was to keep a “diary” of our family’s life…the everyday going-on’s, vacations, celebrations, get togethers, funny anecdotes and remembrances, favorite recipes that my kids and grand kids love…and on and on!
      Cottage Green on the Lake is my journal of the special days our family share together, all with pictures!
      However, I always wonder, especially after a busy summer or season when I have a lot of memories to write about and lots of family pictures, what everyone else is thinking when they read my blog.
      I almost feel like I should post a forewarning: “High traffic of family pictures and dialogue ahead, alternate route available!” (:
      Thank you for your kind reassurance and telling me you enjoy watching our family grow up.
      ❤ Trenda

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