Cottage Laundry Room Renovation and Easter Giveaway Winners Announced………by Trenda

In the laundry room’s transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan, Richard covered the walls with tongue and groove, beaded board that he painted a deep sage green to match the walls in the hallway.

Today I am excited to show you our renovation of the smallest room here at Cottage Green on the Lake, the cottage laundry room! Richard transformed this work horse room into such a cute little place, I inwardly sigh with contentment when I open the door.

I envision how I want something to look and dear Richard does all the hard work, engineering, and carpentry to “make the magic happen.” ❤  In the laundry room’s transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan, Richard covered the walls with tongue and groove, beaded board that he painted a deep sage green to match the walls in the hallway.  Contrasting beautifully with the walls, Richard painted the floor to ceiling storage cabinets that were already in there (left side of the door) white, and put up new white cabinets (right side of the door) replacing the open shelves that had been in there.

I also wanted some type of shelf under the cabinets for baskets and stacks of towels and told Richard what I had in mind. He built and customized a 7 foot shelf to mount below the cabinets and made the cutest cubby for me, better than what I had envisioned “in my mind’s eye.” These pictures really don’t do it justice, since getting the right angle, lighting, and setting is difficult, when only being able to use one arm.

Old vinyl tiles were replaced with hardwood floors, and are the same wooden floors that Richard lay in the game room and dining area.

A mirrored cupboard holds a new ironing board that folds up and stores out of the way and out of sight, except for when we iron!

It is the cutest little hideaway.

Miniature shelves behind the ironing board stash my iron, spray bottle of starch, cup towels, and dish cloths.  I feel like I’m opening a treasure chest every time I unfasten the metal clasp to reach inside!

Then came the fun and final touches…putting on the jewelry for the room! Searching the internet, I found a glitzy, little chandelier with a polished antique bronze base that “was just right“ for the little room, and crystal cabinet knobs to match the crystals on the chandelier, to replace the existing cabinet knobs. A darling bird hook made of iron is ready for clothes that need to be “hung to dry” and tie in with the bronze look of the chandelier base, and the bronze bases of the cabinet pulls.  DECORATING TIP:  Same elements or the same colors repeated at least 3 times, helps the cohesive flow of the room…doing this helps, “pull it all together.”

To blend and balance out all the shiny and mirrored surfaces in the room, I found the perfect botanical print, matted in glass and hanging on a dainty chain. The glass mat gave the print the sheen needed so it doesn’t appear too heavy, or out of balance on the wall. The eye glides easily over the picture and on to the focal point of the room, which is the mirrored ironing board cupboard.  DECORATING TIP: Use glass or mirrored decorating accessories in areas that you want your eye to “glide or float over”…in this instance, the glass matted print helps maintain the balance of the decorations on the wall, and does not appear too weighty for the area.

The beautiful ornate and embossed mirror was another flea market find from our last trip, and only cost $10.00! I just put it beside the washer temporarily, so it wouldn’t get knocked over and broken, until I decide where to hang it. Too late, I noticed the reflection of the mirror put a gleam and a light streak on the floor!

I love how warm and inviting the whole room looks, now, and how well it blends with the rest of our house; I hate that it’s hidden behind a closed door and have decided to replace the solid door with a stained wooden door with a full glass panel insert so the laundry room will be visible from the living area. I also need to “settle on” what color to paint the cabinet and drawers below the laundry chute, where the laundry basket sets.  I thinking a sage green, just a shade or two, lighter than the walls would add another layer of cottage cuteness!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our renovation! Coming soon …the bathroom! Now, for the lucky winners of the 2 Easter giveaway’s! CONGRATULATIONS to Ruthie Young who was the winner of the 1st giveaway! (:

And CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Harris, who was the lucky winner of our 2nd giveaway! (:

I loved reading each of the comments that were written, they made my day and also gave me a little more insight into each of you. ❤ Congratulations again to Ruthie and Susan; please be sure and contact me at to let me know the address where you want your prizes sent.

From my cottage to yours ~ Trenda

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” Proverbs 27:9

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11 thoughts on “Cottage Laundry Room Renovation and Easter Giveaway Winners Announced………by Trenda”

  1. As usual, Trenda, you have written another blog of inspiration!! Your laundry room is beautiful!! Doing laundry is always thought of a job you want to put off as long as possible BUT your laundry room would make anyone HAPPY to get right to it and enjoy it at the same time😊😊 My laundry room is so small but I see yours isn’t very big and now I have ideas for a overhaul for my room!!
    Great job, Richard!! You did a beautiful job and put your magic touch to it!! The mirror concealing the ironing board and storage behind it is GREAT!! Trenda, you have a jack of all trades to make your dreams of renovating come true !!
    Keep up the blogs because they are always so inspiring to me as well as others 😊😊

      1. “gets me” and what I envision. Before, the ironing board was always in the way…the ironing cupboard made all the difference! HaHa, you are right…going in there, now, and doing laundry makes me happy! ❤ Trenda

  2. The laundry room is wonderful ☺️
    I can’t believe I was chosen for one of your give aways 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you very much!!! ❣️🤗

    4605 US HWY 175 E
    Athens, Texas 75752

  3. Your creative eye for design and Richard’s handyman expertise is amazing. Love the laundry room. And I’m thrilled and excited that I won the Easter giveaway. My address is 15 Countrywood Lane, Corinth, MS 38834. Thank you so much Trenda! Easter Blessings to you and Richard.

    1. Thank you so much, Ruthie. My dear Richard, my Huckleberry friend…we are a good team! (:
      You are very welcome for the Easter giveaway; giving it was my pleasure. You should be getting your package in the mail tomorrow. ❤ Trenda

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