DIY Jingle Bell Napkin Rings and Christmas Parade at the Lake

written by Trenda


Merry Christmas Eve! I found this post from 4 years ago in the archives that somehow was back in drafts.  I’m posting it again since I’m using these DIY Jingle Bell Napkin Rings in a tablescape I am writing about now, and I want to share with you how easy they are to make!

I first saw these merry jingle bell napkin rings displayed  in one of my favorite stores and loved them.  However, their cost was more than I wanted to spend … especially knowing how many sets I would have to buy for there to be “jingle all the way” and one at every place setting! (:

After inspecting  them a little more closely, I realized how simple they would be to make myself!  So “over the fields” I went and bought the materials needed (only 3 things!) … got out my scissors and started to play!  “Laughing all the way”… I was delighted how simple they were to make!

Materials needed:



  1. cut 6″ of elastic cord
  2. begin threading jingle bells on cord, threading so bells are”packed” and bunched together so cording won’t show when your napkin ring is holding a napkin.
  3. continue threading on bells, leaving enough room on your cord to tie both ends into a tight knot.
  4. knot and tie your choice of ribbon into a little bow for a finishing festive touch!

Picture of napkin rings in 3 stages: 


I made two different sets of napkin rings – 1 set of napkin rings is made with silver and gold jingle bells tied with a green checked ribbon and 1 set of napkin rings with gold jingle bells tied with a red satin ribbon.  Look how cute and festive they are wrapped around these napkins! (:

Napkin rings with silver and gold bells and a green checked ribbon trimmed in red …


Napkin rings with gold bells and red ribbon …


Our cold “snap” only lasted 2 days and yesterday I set a festive  table out on the back deck.  Snowmen, jingle bells, and colored sugar made our “spirits bright” while we enjoyed  munching on sugar cookies and listening to the Chickadees … “chi-chi-chi-ing!”  (:

Smiling Snowmen mugs and a sweet little snowman under a cloche …



Annual Christmas Parade on Cedar Creek Lake …


We love all our our little town’s celebrations and this past weekend was our annual Christmas Parade.  Through the years, our son and daughter, my husband and I have either … been spectators … been participants … or helped decorate the floats in the parade and it is still an extended family tradition for us “to gather together” for this special  event.


The time before the parade starts is always a magical time, worthy of one of Norman Rockwell’s depictions of “small town life.”  At 5:30, Main Street is blocked off from any traffic and parade viewers are parked in local establishments and sit along the sidewalks on lawn chairs or tailgates … blankets and hot chocolate in hand … everyone visiting with one another while the children run about (with no worries of traffic) laughing and playing! Street vendors add another element of excitement and walk by selling cotton candy, neon light saber’s and fairy wands!  Then, just as darkness settles, the faint strands of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” is heard as the high school band begins leading the Christmas parade toward Main Street.  Kids begin squealing while parents round up their “little crew” … and everyone turns to see.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town!”


To the delight of the kids … candy is thrown from each of the parade floats, as they pass by.


 After the last … horse cantors by … band member marches away … gleam of Christmas lights and floats are in the distance, there is a finale at the City Park with a be-dazzling firework display.  A perfect ending and the signal for our family to head to the house for some Chicken and Cheese Ravioli in Alfredo Sauce (that has been cooking in the slow-cooker while we were away!) tossed salad, and a tray of Christmas cookies and chocolate brownies with peppermint frosting! (:


“Good tidings of comfort and joy …”

From my cottage to yours  ~  Trenda

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