In the Cottage Greenhouse…

I love winter days in the Cottage Greenhouse. On bright days, the sunlight streams through the clear paneled roof and warms my little house (as our 3 year old Granddaughter calls it.) On gray, drippy days, I close the cedar door, turn on my space heater, and I’m snug and warm, “out of the wind’s and the rain’s way” while I listen to the lovely sound of the raindrops falling on the greenhouse roof.

A little house - a house of my own
Out of the wind's and the rain's way
~ Padraic Colum

Last week Richard was busy in the yard, putting up a cedar fence and the weather was perfect for pre-spring cleaning in the greenhouse. I used the leaf blower and blew out dried leaves that had crept in beneath the cedar panels, wiped the potting benches and shelves with a damp cloth, then cleaned each of my greenhouse treasures. On back shelves, under the potting benches, I organized seed trays, stacked planters and peat pots, arranged watering cans, fertilizers, and insecticidal soaps, all while planning landscaping beds and dreaming of woodland ferns, coral bells, and coleus.

January is the month for dreaming

Jean Hershey

Antique seed box and cedar chest

Author: cottagegreenonthelake

I hope the pictures of tablescapes, home decor, seasonal decorations, floral arrangements, landscaping ideas, "potting about the shed" and the unexpected ways I use everyday items to decorate my home on "Cottage Green on the Lake" will be an inspiration for you as you make your own little haven and nest … 4 the seasons! From my cottage to yours ~ Trenda

7 thoughts on “In the Cottage Greenhouse…”

  1. I love seeing and hearing about your greenhouse. I’m enjoying sitting on my patio listening to the birds and watching the ducks on the lake. I want to have a tea party on the patio 😋. Wish y’all could join me.

    1. Dear Sherry,
      You should have a tea party on the patio! It’s fun getting it all set up and thinking what special tea treats to serve.
      Richard and I will be with you in our hearts!
      ❤ Trenda

  2. this is such a happy post! loved the tea party! I will be “following” you with a new email address. if possible will you delete this one, and I’ll follow you with the new one! don’t want to miss a post!

    1. Dear Ruthie,
      It’s so good to hear from you! Your comments are always very gracious and kind. Yes, I can remove your old email address.
      So you don’t miss a post…(: (I’m almost ready to post “Spring in the Cottage Greenhouse Part 2!”) I’ll wait until I see you have subscribed, using your new email address. before I delete your other account.
      ❤ Trenda

    1. Dear Little Red House…
      Thank you for taking the time to write me, and for your gracious remark.
      My greenhouse is very peaceful; whenever I open the door, I feel the quietness and serenity of the greenhouse drawing me in.
      Even when I’m doing other chores outside, or working in the yard, I often just walk over and unlatch the door, and let myself in to sit a few moments.
      I think your little red house and my cottage green would get along splendidly. (: ❤

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