The Cottage Series Part 2 … Ready & Waiting for Thanksgiving

by Trenda

Cottage Series 2

In the “The Cottage Series” Part 1 I said I have a passion for cubby’s and shelves and just hearing the word “cupboard” my mind conjures up delightful visions of stacked plates, old creamers in the shape of cows or thatched roof cottages, and folded piles of embroidered tablecloths, cup towels, and napkins edged in carefully stitched crochet!  Today, for “The Cottage Series” Part 2 a peek inside the crooks and crannies of our buffet.pottery

Antique linens hand-stitched with WASH DAY, little chicks, roosters, flowers, cottages, and the dearest of all, crocheted in red and embroidered by my grandmother with my mother’s name … “Cherie.” ❤ 

cup towels

  Below, in all shades of brown, a collection of Hull, Marcrest, and Pfaltsgraff pottery … sweet little bean pots, soup crocks, chili bowls, plates, sugar bowls, creamers, and pitchers. 

final pottery.png

Another buffet drawer filled with place cards and stacks of carefully ironed and starched Battenberg lace napkins, napkins edged in carefully stitched crochet with little quilted flowers, and napkins with cross-stitched flowers. 

edited napkins.png

And a cherished set of napkins embroidered for our family by my mother. ❤


Below are folded table runners and tablecloths “4 the seasons.” (;

tablecloths.png And on the shelf below, antique amber glassware and serving pieces that I use with our Johnson Brothers “The Friendly Village” dishes made in England with their scalloped edges and border of leaves and our Fitz and Floyd Pilgrim salt & pepper shakers … all standing in a row and waiting to be placed on the Thanksgiving table. 


Waiting for Thanksgiving!

pilgrims final.png

Mantel dressed with gifts of the season …

Beau day.pngA over-sized basket on the coffee table holds a mercury glass “Cinderella” pumpkin with twinkly lights, a Tiger-striped miniature pumpkin and glittery acorns.


Henry David Thoreau said, “I am grateful for what I am and have.  My thanksgiving is perpetual. 

My thanksgiving is perpetual.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving sharing time with the people you love … grateful and giving thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving!

straw horse buggy

From my cottage to yours  ~  Trenda




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2 thoughts on “The Cottage Series Part 2 … Ready & Waiting for Thanksgiving”

  1. What a lovely reminder for me. Both my grandmothers did beautiful embroidery work on napkins, pillow cases and table runners. I have much to be thankful for.


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