For all my faithful “Followers” … Though you got the last 2 posts mailed to your e-mail address, they somehow did not get posted on my Cottage Green on the Lake site.  After hours working with Word Press figuring out “what happened???” … I have to re-post those blogs you already received, in order to get them recorded on my site.

The first one is titled Spring Comes Early to Cedar Creek Lake received in your mail on March 1st and the second is titled St. Patrick’s Day and “Wearing of the Green” Lakeside Lunch received in your mail on March 17th.

I apologize that you will be getting them again, when I re-post them!  However, I am also posting a current blog that is titled Spring Cleaning at the Lake … Outside and In! with today’s date, March 30th, 2017. (:

Thank you always for all your encouragement and support!

From my cottage to yours  ~  Trenda



Author: cottagegreenonthelake

I hope you will be charmed and delighted when you read and look at the pictures of tablescapes, home decor, seasonal decorations, floral arrangements, landscaping ideas, "potting about the shed" and the unexpected ways I use everyday items to decorate my home; I hope all will be an inspiration for you as you make your own little haven and nest … 4 the seasons! From my cottage to yours ~ Trenda

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